Wales has more fairytale castles than it has fairies to occupy them! From coastal ruins to restored splendour, we have so many to choose from.

A favourite of our guests is Caerphilly Castle, a 40 minute drive away. Followed by the wonderful Castell Coch (Red Castle), just some 45 minutes along the A470. However Brecon has it’s very own castle with walls in and around the town, there is also the nearby Brecon Gear Roman Fort… and within the village of Talgarth you will find Bronllys Castle..

On the Brecon to Abergavenny road you will find a number of historic settlements and not far along the road you will come to Tretower Court and Castles.

Brecon Castle

Main part of the castle is now part of the Castle Hotel

Brecon castle, and town are Norman in origin. The castle came first and was the creation of Bernard de Neufmarche. He took his surname from the village of Neufmarche near Rouen, the capital of Normandy. He was of the second generation of conquerors who extended Norman influence into the Marches of Wales.

View Brecon Gear Roman Fort

Remains of stone defences and gates of a Roman auxiliary fort, initially established about A.D. 75

The fort at Brecon Gaer lies on a spit of land overlooking the confluence of the Afon Ysgir with the Afon Usk, which flowed past the fort on the east. The Roman roads from Clifford in the north-east and Pen y Gaer, Margham in the south-east, met about 155 yards (c.142 m) outside the fort's northern gateway.

View Castell Coch

The beautiful fabled home of a very wealthy man

While resting on ancient foundations, Castell Coch (Red Castle) is relatively modern, the by-product of a vivid Victorian imagination, assisted by untold wealth. The Middle Ages fascinated the Victorians as much as the Victorians fascinate us today. High Gothic was the order of the day.

View Raglan Castle

A stunning statement of wealth and power

Everything’s great about this place, from its great tower, which evokes memories of earlier fortresses like Caernarfon, to the great gatehouse, which ‘wows’ the visitor just as its owner intended. If, as they say, an Englishman’s home is his castle, then William Herbert’s Raglan is the Welshman’s equivalent.

View Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. Located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the capital, Cardiff Castle’s walls and fairytale towers conceal 2,000 years of history.

Discover 2000 years of history in the heart of the city. From the arrival of the Romans, through the Norman Conquest to lavish Victorian design − all have left their distinctive mark on the Castle.

View Caerphilly Castle

The fortress sprawls over a huge area making it the largest castle in Wales.

Like the famous cheese, the castle has long been synonymous with Caerphilly. It dominates. Hogs the limelight. Think slumbering giant awaiting a call to arms. It’s also a great backdrop for TV and film. It secured a starring role recently in the popular BBC TV series Merlin.

View View

Looking for a family day out with a difference? Cadw offers a range of exciting places to explore near you.

Cadw is the Welsh Government's historic environment service working for an accessible and well-protected historic environment for Wales.


Mid Wales and the Brecon Beacons features incredible natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. It's a destination for all seasons, with National Trails, festivals and pretty spa and market towns.

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